A seminar focused on international co-production of animated films will be held in Prague from 25th to 26th October 2018. Five successful producers are going to share their experience and personal filmmaking know-how here. The aim of the two-day programme is to demonstrate to producers how to manage international co-production projects, their advantages and pitfalls on concrete globally successful projects. The seminar for filmmakers, professionals and television industry experts is organised by the Association of Czech Animated Film (ASAF).

The current long-term situation in the Czech animation industry, insufficient state support and legislation require the producers to develop their films in international co-production. This is a necessity particularly in the case of a feature film or series and it is nearly impossible to create such a work without foreign partners and their financial input. The seminar will be centred around five case studies. Invited producers will share their experience with international collaboration with various countries giving the participants an insight into the issue and comparison of risk potential in given countries. “Individual presentations will be very detailed. Each speaker will have 90 minutes and our request was for them to get under the surface of the mandatory information and enumeration of the invited producers’ achievements. On the contrary, we want to hear about their negative experience, which can teach us much more, ” explains Marek Toušek (ASAF), the seminar organiser.

Among the confirmed speakers are Olivier Nomen (Studio 100 Animation, Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking, Heidi, Arthur and the Minimoys, Galactic Agency). Oliver is going to present the differences in co-production in France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Australia, and explain the economic opportunities and pitfalls. He will also talk about the often dreaded legal and artistic aspects of international co-production. Producer Kristine Knudsen is going to demonstrate  potential risks at the very beginning of a project on the example of her feature film Richard the Stork (dir. Toby Genkel, Reza Memari, 2017, DE, BE, LUX, NO), and answer the crucial questions: How to find a reliable co-producer to secure the necessary finances for one’s project ? How to successfully link production, distribution and marketing? Another case study will follow a very successful feature film, Another Day of Life. Urszula Łuczak, a representative of Polish production company Platige Image, is going to explain the snags of an international co-production of – in this case – five European countries (Poland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Hungary). Israeli producer Amit Gilcelter (The Hive Studio) will share his practical experience with the co-production of short films, which helped him prepare for the development of a feature film. The Czech Republic will be represented by Martin Kotík (Rolling Pictures), known for his first feature film Harvie and the Magic Museum. It is the most expensive CGI film in the Czech Republic, made in the Czech-Belgian-Russian co-production. In his case study, Martin will focus on moments in the context of the international co-production of his film that he would do otherwise now.

Special attention at the seminar will be paid to Israel. Last year, the Czech Minister of Culture signed the Agreement on Film Co-production between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Government of the State of Israel, which aims to simplify and extend the cooperation of Czech and Israeli filmmakers. Representatives of Israeli producers will present an overview of the possibilities of co-production and contemporary animation work in their country.

To register for the seminar (by 15th October, 2018), use the online form: coproduction.asaf.cz/#register.

The attendance fee is CZK 1,815 for professionals, CZK 600 for students and members of the of Audiovisual Producers’ Association (APA). For members of the Association of Czech Animated Film participation is free.

The seminar will be held in English. Detailed programme, including profiles of the speakers, is available here: coproduction.asaf.cz.
For more information, contact Marta Jallageas, jallageas@asaf.cz.