CEE Animation Workshop is a year-long project development and production skills advancement programme for professionals. For the second edition, filmmakers from low production capacity countries could apply with animated projects of any format (short, TV, features, hybrid) in development. The call was also open to a limited number of participants without projects, representatives of industry and public institutions.


The selected projects are as follows:
Love, Dad

Original title: Váš táta
Producer: Karolina Davidova (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, director  (Czech Republic, Vietnam)
Company: 13ka
Format: short film
Animation technique: stop motion
Logline: A dad and his girl. Set apart by prison bars, bound by letters of love.



Original title: Postižky
Producer: Barbora Příkaská (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Kateřina Karhánková, director (Czech Republic)
Company: Bionaut
Format: TV series
Animation technique: 2D
Logline: Have you ever been in the woods and come across a blind deer with white antlers instead of a white cane, a deaf centipede that communicates in sign language, or height-challenged rebel wolf who gets enraged if someone baby-talks him (which is always happening because he’s soooo cute)? An animated series for kids in which animals with and without disabilities get into absurd and comical situations that arise from poor communication and a lack of understanding about the lives and needs of others.



Original title: Plešouni
Producer: Jiri Sadek (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Eliska Podzimkova, director (Czech Republic)
Company: Old&Rich Production
Format: TV series
Animation technique: Hybrid – live-action with 2D handdrawn animation
Logline: Yes, you have cancer and this series is going to help you become bald and strong, but mainly positive.


To see the full list of selected projects and participants, click here.


The programme consists of three workshops each lasting 6 days and taking place at a different location.

  • 29.11. – 5.12. 2019 / Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 16. – 21.3. 2020 / Tallinn, Estonia (tbc)
  • 4. – 9.5. 2020 / Třeboň (tbc), Czech Republic (merging with the CEE Animation Forum)


Find more about the training programme at https://www.ceeanimation.eu/workshop/.

CEE Animation Workshop is organized with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.