About Us

The Association of Czech Animation (ASAF) brings together Czech producers, independent filmmakers and animation studios who have decided to play an active role in the development of animation in the CR as a branch of industry and to present it abroad.

We wish to advocate for an improvement of conditions for the production and distribution of animated films in the CR. The golden age of Czech animation is, unfortunately, in the past. Nevertheless, we are doing our best to build on that rich and successful history and to return it to the world’s best.

Our aim is to lay the foundations of a functioning animation industry that will be part of the Czech economy. The essential prerequisite is investment in boosting the quality of human resources, infrastructure and cooperation between individual players with a view to systematically building up a professional and competitive animation industry.

In terms of employment and economic performance, animation is stagnating in the CR. This cannot be avoided in the long-term unless we open up to the outside world and cooperate with it. To achieve this, an environment of purposeful and systematic cooperation between the private and public sectors must be created.


  • The only way for Czech animation to prosper again is through active international collaboration.

    Martin Hovorka , Eallin
  • Animated film has the ideal prerequisites to become a successful Czech export product. However, we first need to put in place conditions for development that will support creative competition between animators. Improving the background environment may then lead to the creation of single-minded projects with world ambitions.

    Marek Toušek , Deputy chairman, 3Bohemians
  • In our country animation has its own history and a great potential in the present. Launching a new era of Czech animation is key, in my view. We need to focus on producing a long-term vision and creating a strategy for the animation industry in the Czech Republic.

    Michal Podhradský , Deputy Chairman, Animation People