Strategic Concept of Animation Industry Development in the Czech Republic

We have formulated our concept and vision for the development of the animation industry in the document Strategic Concept of Animation Industry Development (SCAID), which helps define the animation sector in system terms.

It is a road map for the development of Czech animation defining where the sector is at in the Czech Republic (at what level compared to developed counties), what progress the sector could make in a given time-frame through the implementation of the development strategy and what the targets of the Czech animation sector are.

On the basis of a set of starting points, SCAID proposes strategic directions for the animation sector that are particularly focused on the short- and medium-term horizon until 2020.

The importance of the strategic concept of development lies in its mission. It is intended above all for players in the animation field with the aim of preparing and adopting a medium-term development plan including all attributes and factors that influence development – in cooperation with the state administration. SCAID is built on an awareness of needs and demands for the further development of the entire animation field and takes into account the pertinent views of all players in the development of the sector.

The Strategic Concept of Animation Industry Development builds on and further develops a study on the state of animation produced in 2014 within the project Mapping the Arts and Creative Industries in the CR, Arts and Theatre Industry. An action plan is being produced on the basis of the study that will be discussed with animation players in the private and public spheres.

CEE Animation

The CEE Animation (previously known as Visegrad Animation Forum) is a platform aimed at boosting the animation sector in the Central and Eastern Europe region. Its main goal is to create opportunities for encounters between producers, studios and TV company and film distribution professionals aimed at sparking cooperation on animation projects.

The kernel of the programme is the CEE Animation Forum, a competition for animated projects in five categories: short and student films, series/TV specials, feature films and XR projects. Entrants have a unique chance to grab the attention of foreign producers, benefitting their project in the development and implementation stages.

The competition part is complemented by specialised workshops on issues relating to the financing of development, production and distribution of animated films and series. During their stay, artists and producers have the opportunity to meet experienced instructors who will advise them on how to sell their animated project successfully. There is also an accompanying programme focused on distribution opportunities, financing, coproduction opportunities, etc. Also valuable are case studies of implemented projects, which serve as a great inspiration to producers. Participants can discover how big serials have been produced, as well as the fates of VAF-winning projects.

The CEE Animation Forum has been held annually in cooperation with the Anifilm International Festival of Animated Film since 2012.

Qualification standards in animation

In our view the poor quality of employees in animation in the CR is one factor limiting the competitiveness of the sector. Therefore since 2013 we have been – with the participation of selected ASAF members – actively involved in the creation of professional qualification standards within the framework of the National Register of Qualifications.

Along with educational institutions, representatives of employers and professionals in animation have been active in the formulation of the qualification standards, both as members of individual working groups and as opponents. This has allowed for an appropriate and necessary consensus in the setting of standards of competence for animation personnel.

Animation and games studios and producers will have access to clear parameters for verifying the quality of hires for projects. Individuals who work in animation but have not gone through formal education in the field will be able to establish their expertise with a certificate on successfully passing an authorisation test. The qualification standards will provide educational institutes with the opportunity to share the views of employers as regards qualification requirements and to adapt their teaching programmes to them so as to correspond better to the demands of the labour market. The qualification standards are an instrument for boosting the competitiveness of the entire sector, underscoring the quality of services provided by individual players such as schools, the self-employed, animation studios and production companies.

The qualification standards have been created within the National Register of Qualifications. The Ministry of Culture is the expert guarantor of qualifications.

The following qualifications have been created for the field of animation:

  • Producer of audio-visual animated works
  • Production manager of audio-visual animated works
  • Animator of drawn character animation
  • 3D character animator
  • Computer 3D grafic designer
  • Rigger
  • Animation artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Compositor