The animated short film Deep in Moss had two premieres. The first one was an exclusive premiere on the internet television on 24th December and the second one took place in the Ponrepo Cinema on 7th January. The film is now distributed to selected Czech cinemas, alternative spaces and kindergartens which will host special workshops for children.

The twenty-six-minute animated short Deep in Moss uses puppet animation processed on computers during the post-production. It builds on the poetics of Czech forests and the Czech puppet film tradition established by Jiří Trnka and Břetislav Pojar. The film however suits current standards in order to be accessible for contemporary children. The work of the animators is combined with digital effects (atmosphere, impression of air, light effects enhancement) and other types of animation (drawings, cutout animation) and thus creates a unique visual style that together with music stimulates and develops children‘s fantasy. A rarity in the animation technique of the film is capturing the character’s movement frame by frame – twenty four frames per second instead of the usual twelve. The film and the movements are more natural and lively.

Filip Pošivač and Bára Valecka graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague and began working on Deep in Moss during their studies in 2009: “We wanted to submit the film as a collective diploma thesis, but the school unfortunately rejected it because they didn’t want us to work on it together. But around the time we started to work on Jan Balej’s film Little from the Fish Shop, a miracle happened – we found producer Pavla Kubečková and afterwards also secured funds for the production,“ describes Filip Pošivač the birth of the project.

The film producer Pavla Janoušková Kubečková from Nutprodukce comments on the collaboration with the server „There are several reasons behind our collaboration with we wanted to present our animated tale elsewhere than in cinema and television and our aim was to test a new distribution channel targeting a different type and amount of viewers than regular distribution channels. This is our first collaboration of this kind. Stream has also given us the opportunity to work on the authors‘ original idea – to expand the miraculous fairy-tale world they created. Our efforts to keep this world alive are supported by the book Deep in Moss published earlier this year.“

You can see the film here: