Animated Films Attracted More Than 2.5 Million Viewers in 2015

Based on the numbers published by the Czech Union of Film Distributors (UFD), exactly 2 708 915 viewers found their way to Czech cinemas to see animated films. The overall proceeds from ticket sales climbed to 354 021 870 CZK. The numbers summarize the period from January to December 2015 and include films that made it to the TOP 20 according to the UFD. The list, however, does not include a single film made at least partly in the Czech Republic.

The list includes thirteen films made predominantly with 3D animation. Majority of them was produced in the USA. On the top of the list is the box office hit Minions produced in the USA in cooperation with French studios. The second place belongs to the fourth instalment of the legendary Jurassic Park series and third on the list is Hotel Transylvania 2.

As proven by the number of viewers, the relatively small Czech market shows some potential. „The absence of Czech animated films is caused by several factors. Currently, the competitiveness of Czech companies and authors is on a very low level. They are unfortunately incapable of recognizing and responding to European and worldwide trends in the field of animation. We can also observe a lack of concept approach by the public as well as private spheres,“ explains Ing. Marek Toušek, Association of Czech Animation Film (ASAF) Chairman.

In developed countries, animation is a significant part of creative industries. That is one of the reasons that Czech government passed a filmmaking concept for 2010-2016. This strategy addresses main targets regarding the market and employment. There are not many fields with possibilities for economic growth and employment. ASAF is taking concrete steps towards a change and tries to ignite a discussion between authors and authorities responsible for animated films. The list makes it apparent that it is worth it to invest into bigger projects. They are the backbone of a working animation industry, can generate profits and employ a bigger number of authors.

Czech Republic has a long tradition in animation and names such as Jiří Trnka, Břetislav Pojar, Karel Zeman, Hermína Týrlová and Jan Švankmajer are known around the world. It seems, however, that we are resting on our laurels, incapable of exploiting our potential. But every cloud has a silver lining. We know that this year will see the premiere of the 3D animated film Oddgluttons (Lichožrouti) produced completely in the Czech Republic. At least one swallow to which we wish success.

TitleOverall Box OfficeOverall AdmissionsMonth of PremiereCountry
The Little Dragon585 2694 448AugustGER
Snoopy and Charlie Brown: A Peanuts Movie5 484 08843 385DecemberUS
Astérix: Le domaine des dieux7 813 06064 317February – JuneFR
Good Dinosaur9 371 81778 977DecemberUS
Shaun the Sheep Movie12 738 650119 697April – JulyUK
Paddington18 759 690166 003January – JuneUK
Penguins of Madagascar


31 096 796257 428January – FebruaryUS
SpongeBob SquarePants 232 601 846248 533February – JuneUS
Inside Out35 815 035278 054July – DecemberUS
Hotel Transylvania


43 491 075330 912October – DecemberUS
Jurassic World50 303 687331 443July – OctoberUS
The Minions105 921 930785 355June – DecemberUS
Total354 021 7802 708 915 

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