One animated feature and 10 animated shorts have been supported by the Czech Film Fund in the combined call for both development and production with the total amount of 1.25 million EUR.

The Last Whale Singer Reza Memari PFX
400,000 EUR
Dragon Prokop Wilhelm Analog Vision Analog.vsion 180,000 EUR
I Have A Cow Filip Diviak Bionaut 28,000 EUR
Humanity Tereza Kovandová cinepoint 16,000 EUR
Animalies  Kateřina Karhánková and Marek Náprstek a Bionaut 208,000 EUR
Hello Summer Martin Smatana and Veronika Zacharová Maur Film No amount
Dinofables Klára Jůzová Krutart 190,400 EUR

The feature-length animated film The Last Whale Singer to be directed by Reza Memari has been granted 400 000 EUR for production. It is the story of Vincent, the humpback whale in his teenage years who comes across all sorts of adventures on his long journey across the a fabulously mythological ocean in order to save it from destruction. The film is produced by the Czech studio PFX.