Six animated shorts and one animated feature were supported by the Czech Film Fund again in the combined call for development and production with the total amount of EUR 516 000. The Council of the CFF has not spent the full amount (EUR 538 000) allocated in this call because the remaining EUR 23 000 was not enough to support the next project considered (and ultimately not supported) in this call.

The highest amount, EUR 231 000, in this call was granted for the production of the feature film Proud Princess. An animated remake of one of the most popular Czechoslovak fairy-tales about a childishly vain princess, is directed by Radek Beran (The Little Man) and produced by Jindřich Motýl of LUMINAR FILM in co-production with 3doubles Spain (ES) and PFX Praha (CZ). The project has already received support from the CFF for development (EUR 31 000 in 2020).

Established Czech company MAUR film received funding for production of two short films. Student Academy Award winner Daria Kashcheeva (Daughter) will make her upcoming short film Electra. A Poem in cooperation with producers Martin Vandas and Zuzana Křivková and with the support of EUR 136 000. The short drama, which combines both live-action and animation, aims to explore the inner world of a woman who has since childhood been idealizing her father, rebelling against her mother and diving deeper into her own fantasy world.

The second film, produced by MAUR film, which was granted the support in this call, is About a Cow. A short family film shows that cows have been part of human civilization for thousands of years and despite people treating them in various ways, they keep their patience and forbearance. Director Pavla Baštanová and producer Mária Môťovská will work on the film also thanks to the support of EUR 65 000 by the CFF.

While Bionaut will continue to work with Bára Anna Stejskalová (Love Is Just a Death Away) and develop 9 Million Colors (supported with EUR 42 000), which promises a formally innovative short project focused on LGBTQ topics, Denisa Grimmová (Even Mice Belong in Heaven) prepares a animated short film Fear in production of Hausboot. The Czech Film Fund supported the development of a story about a man, who allows himself to be completely overcome by the emotion of fear for his pregnant wife and their child, with EUR 14 300.

The CFF also supported development of a package of three short animations called ANIMAMI, produced by Kouzelná animace. Veronika P. Szemelová, Adéla Kukalová and Eliška Oz are three animators on maternity leave – each of them perceives motherhood in a different way and each of them will make a film about it. Kouzelná animace received the amount of EUR 15 400.

Motherhood will also be a theme for Hana Stehlíková who prepares First 365 Days. Her film, which thematizes postpartum depression, is produced by Frame Films (the company was granted EUR 11 500 for development).

Source: Czech Film Center