Cartoon Forum, the pitching and co-production forum for animated TV projects, announced the line-up for its next edition, to be held in person in Toulouse from 20 to 23 September. European animation emerges from the sanitary crisis with 84 new TV series, mini-series, and TV specials projects involving independent studios from 21 countries.

Cartoon Forum’s statistics remain at similar levels to the previous year. Shortlisted from 141 submissions, the 84 selected projects have a total budget of 326.1 M€ with an average cost per series of 3.9 M€, though the cost per minute of animation production has slightly decreased compared to 2020 (11,887 € vs 12,250 €). In total, the projects represent 457 hours of animation, while series formats continue to diversify in response to the new demands, both in terms of number of episodes and running time.

Twenty-one European countries are involved in the projects and the Czech Republic participates with four projects:

Acorn Elves

TV series – 26 x 11′; Pre-school 4-5; 3D Computer, Painting, Live action

Director: Pavel Jindra; Scriptwriter: Klára Smolíková; Graphic author: Marcel Legindi; Adaptation from “Acorn Elves” by Petr Václavek
Producer: Radovan Surý, BareBear production


TV series – 26 x 7′; Pre-school 4-5; 2D & 3D Computer, Cut-out

Scriptwriter: Klára Jůzová; Graphic author: Martina Svojíková
Producer: Martin Jůza, Krutart; Andrijana Sofranić Šućur, To Blink Animation (RS), Irena Isbasescu, Domestic Film (RO)

The Seniors

TV series – 10 x 22′; Young adults/adults; 2D Computer

Director: Ekaterina Bessonova; Scriptwriter: Ekaterina Bessonova; Graphic author: Kryštof Ulbert
Producer: Zdeněk Holý, Vernes; Martin Vandas, MAUR film  


TV series – 13 x 11′; Children 6-11; 2D & 3D Computer

Director, scriptwriter and graphic author: Jan Bubeníček
Producer: Vladimír Lhoták, Hausboot

Accounting for almost half of the selection (41 projects), series aimed at children 6-11 years old continue to gain ground in Cartoon Forum. With 25 projects, pre-school series represent almost a third of the selection, while Young Adults/Adults projects have increased to 17% vs 14% in the previous year.

2D remains the most widely animation technique employed by European producers (56%), although 3D series grows to 28% vs 20% in 2020.