The importance and potential of distribution in the era of digitalisation will be the focus of a seminar organised by the Association of Czech Animation Film on 1 February 2018. It will present trends in animation content, models of cooperation between producers and distributors, the future of television and digital broadcasting and the prerequisites for global distribution. It will also offer insights into what type of content distributors tend to be interested in and, for instance, what European feature films need to do to succeed on international markets.

The seminar is intended for specialists such as independent producers, artists and representatives of selected distribution and television companies from home and abroad. Participants will acquire know-how with regard to current trends, challenges and opportunities in the distribution of animated works.

Distribution represents the deciding factor as regards the further direction of Czech animation and bears a fundamental influence on the development of story ideas and screenplays. Alongside traditional channels of distribution, such as cinema and television, a range of new distribution channels and end digital devices are developing at a rapid tempo. Being aware of them enables Czech producers to become involved in foreign co-productions and can boost their chances of presenting Czech animated works on the international market.

In today’s world a fight is literally being waged for audiences. Completely understandably, distributors weigh up risks, and they are an essential part of the financing of the development and production of animation. Their role is key in the very inception of an animated work,” explains Marek Toušek from the Association of Czech Animation Film.

The seminar promises international participation and leading experts. Among the confirmed speakers is, for instance, the television producer Tom Van Waveren, a three-time Emmy nominee. He is the CEO and artistic director of CAKE Entertainment, chairman of Animation Producers Netherlands and deputy-chairman of Animation in Europe, which works to improve support for the development of the European animation industry. Also sharing their experience will be the Paris-based American producer Eleanor Coleman from the company Indie Sales (distributors of the worldwide animated hit My Life as a Zucchini) and the French producer Lionel Marty, who specialises on films for children with the distribution company APC Kids.

The seminar will take place in English. The fee to participate will be CZK 1,000 for professionals and CZK 300 for students.

Registration until 15th January 2018.

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